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Gentle Touch brings home care home to you. We provide home care services to seniors, newly moms, disable, and our veterans. We provide home care services that fall into several categories of in-home care. Gentle Touch offers care giving services for almost any situation. Our goal is to let loved ones enjoy healthy lives in the comfort of a familiar environment. Each family has a customized care plan that is designed for their individual needs. Gentle Touch can help with the following services:


Physical Assistance

Alzheimer's and other Dementia

Home Health Aide

Health Reminders

Non Medical Home Care

Respite Care

Transportation to appointments


Value Propositions

What Makes Us Different


Veteran Homecare


Certified Nursing assistant


Personal Care Assistant


What Our Customer Have To Say

I selected Gentle Touch Homecare Services LLC because I had tried other companies and wasn't satisfied. I would highly recommend Gentle Touch Homecare Services LLC because they've got good workers. The worker has made my life easier because she comes in and clean my house. My caregiver is a good worker because she's dependable. My caregiver is capable because she's a pretty knowledgeable person. I don't have any problems with her. When I ask her to do stuff, she does it. And she knows how to do stuff that I ask her to do that others don't know how to do. My caregiver is compassionate because she doesn't want me to do anything! I am very satisfied with the office staff because they're very nice people. My caregiver is a good match because we get along really well! She's a nice person. I don't think there's anything else that Gentle Touch Homecare Services LLC could improve my satisfaction so far.


I heard about Gentle Touch Homecare Services from one of my friends. If someone is looking for someone to help clean the house, Gentle Touch Homecare Services would be the place to go. I was unable to do some of the housework around the house, and they have helped with that. The caregivers come in and do what they are supposed to do. They are not just laying around to kill time. The caregivers will wash my clothes, and they will take a little time to pick up my medication. They have good personalities. The caregivers come in and they are nice and considerate. I can tell that they care about the job and me. I am very satisfied with the office staff. If I call them they will help. Gentle Touch Homecare Services needs to keep doing what they are doing. I am satisfied with what they are doing.


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