Referral Policy

 Admission Policy

Intake Process


To identify process for verifying eligibility and demographic information required before initiation of home care services.


A standardized process has been established to obtain information on patients referred for home care service.


The Intake Coordinator is accountable for Referral generation. If a referral is initiated by another profession, it will be reviewed by Coordinator Intake to ensure all necessary information is included.

Information is gathered by Coordinator Intake, from phone calls, electronic or faxed information from referral sources. Once information is gathered, it is entered into Advancedmd system.

Information verification/completion includes:

• Proper spelling: first, middle initial, and last name

• Verification of demographics: address, phone number, date of birth, emergency contacts, and insurance information

• Diagnosis

• CPT/ICD-10 codes

• Primary MD and phone number

• Consulting MD and phone number

• Medical Information pertinent to perceive care needs:

1) Hospital/SNF facility dates, if applicable

2) Recent Clinic Visit Note/ history & Physical/ Facility Discharge Summary

3) Medication List

4) Advance Directive Status

5) Treatment/Discipline Orders

6) Status of supplies/equipment needs

7) Follow up appointments

8) Date of  Face to Face Encounter, if applicable

9) Other pertinent information as appropriate, such as safety concerns, VA issues, if patient leaving AMA

4. Payer information is verified through established processes.

5. The person responsible for admitting the client must verify all information and modify the Referral Information as needed.

6. Upon completion of the RN assessment visit, the Referral and other admission paperwork is submitted to the Medical Records team for processing.